Our Commitment

Consistency and upmost quality are what differentiates Passport coffees and teas from the rest. We believe these are the two most important attributes for our customers when trying to build a loyal fan base for your coffee house, restaurant, etc... People want a reliable drink that doesn't change taste from visit to visit, and they will be hooked on the supreme taste that quality coffee offers over other brands.

Importing and roasting is our passion, from seed to cup we share their story. We exclusively procure high grade green coffees so that we can craft the highest quality product for your business that will far exceed any store-bought or competitor offerings. We maintain strict quality control standards, so that every product we offer consistently represents our commitment to craft the best high-end coffee for our customers. All of our coffees are imported and fresh roasted daily in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our award winning, handcrafted and flavored teas are a selection of only the finest full leaf teas grown around the world. We proudly offer a wide selection of different type teas, that have all passed our standards for quality control selection. We also import all the botanicals we use to create delicious and innovative blends for our clients. This allows us to maintain extremely high quality levels throughout every stage of production until it reaches the customer's cup. All of our teas are imported and handcrafted daily in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We elusively use high quality, unsweetened and gluten-free flavorings on all of our flavored coffee and tea products.