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(Co-owners and siblings - David, Tres, Ann and TJ )

Our story began over four decades ago, Ric Brecheisen passport in hand took his family and traveled to Europe in 1979...and so began our love of coffee and tea. The name Passport Coffee and Tea is a tribute to this first coffee experience, which lead to the founding of our company in 1983.

Since 1983 our mission has been to search out small farms, promote socially responsible projects, and provide coffees that cross social and economic boundaries. Promoting socially responsible coffees through the support of small farms and co- ops that hand pick the the best coffees is what sets us apart! All our coffees are roasted to order and custom blended. Air roasting each batch brings art and science together to achieve a perfect cup of coffee. Our Passport specialty handcrafted teas are created using full leaf teas and botanicals from all over the world.

 The coffee community unites friends, workers and families from many different backgrounds. Our family run business offers fresh micro-roasted coffees from the best farms in the world, so everyone can experience decades of tradition and the highest quality in each and every cup. A number of coffee blends are a tribute to cities from which we have fond memories drinking coffee and meeting many people in the coffee community. As we traveled the world to find the best coffees and teas it has to offer, we have put our own passport stamp on our favorites. More than 39 years later, we are still dedicated to bringing you the highest quality taste and tradition from around the world. Enjoy our Passport specialty coffee and teas.


The Brecheisen Family,

Ric, Judy, Tres, Ann, T.J. and David