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Passport Coffee & Tea

Ceylon Chester Black Tea

Ceylon Chester Black Tea

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Ceylon is a traditional black tea produced in Sri Lanka. This reddish-brown tea has a full, smooth taste that blends well with milk and sugar, lemon, or over ice.

For the complete tea brewing guide see our blog. HERE

Hot Brewing method: Start with 10 oz of fresh water. Use tea portions and brewing temperatures below.

  • Black Teas 
    • Amount - 1 teaspoon
    • Temperature- 200 - 212 F
    • Time - 3-5 min.                                

Iced Tea  - Double the amount of tea using the chart above. After brewing hot tea, immediately pour over a glass of ice. Add more ice if needed.                       

Storage - The best way to store tea is at room temperature in an airtight tea canister. Keep tea away from heat, light, air, and moisture.

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A couple of restaurants I’d been to in Phoenix had exceptional iced tea. I asked, and both used Passport brand (located in the Phoenix area). The Ceylon is my favorite, but both that and the regular are very good IMO.

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