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Forster and Burnett Blend

Forster and Burnett Blend

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This micro- lot/direct trade coffee is a special blend that is labeled under Forster and Burnett, a family name. This coffee is roasted to bring out the sweet, rich notes that give it a creamy, smooth flavor. Special care has been given to the selection because only certain micro-lot beans can achieve this flavor profile. We know you will love this coffee and it soon become a favorite.

Blend notes: This direct trade coffee is mild bodied. We select a special La Estrella Colombian bean, giving this coffee it's bright and round body.


Strong, sweet


Caramel with floral notes






All our imported coffee starts with the highest quality beans. We custom roast and blend our coffee daily.


Customer Reviews

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Coffee, lover
Great roast.

I tried it based on the recommendation of The good folks at passport coffee! I enjoy a rich, full, bodied, decaf, coffee. Many thanks.

james quinlan
Very smooth coffee - painfully bumpy shipping process

Grew to like this brand when we lived in Scottsdale AZ. It seems to take multiple days for them to process an order for shipment which is the downside. It was even on local orders but at least we could stop by.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We understand that waiting for your order can be frustrating, and we truly appreciate your patience. At Passport Coffee Shop, we strive to ensure that every package of our fresh-roasted coffee and handcrafted tea arrives in perfect condition, no matter the distance. Shipping accoss the US does take a few days.

Please know that we are continually working on optimizing our shipping processes to reduce wait times without compromising the quality you expect and deserve. We also encourage you to explore our subscription service, which might help in planning your orders ahead of time and ensuring a steady supply of your favorite brews.

Brian Radecki
Our fav. coffee

It's the BEST.


This is by far and away the BEST drip coffee I’ve ever tasted - the world over!! I’m a devout coffee snob / addict and I will tell you that I have found my one true long lost coffee love!

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