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Sample Coffee - Blends

Sample Coffee - Blends

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Choose from a selection of coffee blends. All sample coffee blends are 3oz, whole beans that are offered in craft tin tie bags. Choose from

House blend - This is the perfect combination of three coffees from the Americas. It is blended to match balance and flavor, making this one of our smoothest blends yet. Cupping notes: smooth, mild-medium roasted coffee with a balanced taste and a hint of nuts and cocoa.

Judy's Blend - An equal blend of medium Organic Sumatra, dark Italian Roast, and light Ethiopian beans offers variety to this roast's profile. A combination of chocolate, mild spice, and citrus elements are brought out in this complex blend.

Tuscany Blend - This is a dark-roasted blend that includes Indonesian, African coffees, and Central American coffees. The aroma alone gives away its rich taste. This is one of our most popular coffee blends. Cupping notes: complex taste, hints of dark chocolate and caramel.

San Francisco - This is a blend of French and Vienna Roast, two of our darkest roasts. French Roast is known for its low acidity and rich flavor, and Vienna adds a deeper flavor profile, introducing elements of cocoa and maple.


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