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Sample Coffee - Dark Roasts

Sample Coffee - Dark Roasts

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Choose from a selection of dark roast coffee coffees. All coffee are 3oz, whole beans offered in craft tin tie paper bag.

French Roast - We blend two Central American coffees for the base of our dark roast. During the roasting process the delicate rich oils are brought to the surface, giving it a rich dark flavor. This dark roast is one of our most popular selling coffees and is excellent as a morning cup of coffee.

Italian Roast - Our darkest roast, the beans are roasted until the natural oils have been fully brought to the surface, but careful that these oils are never "burnt." Italian roast comes from the dark roasting style which is common in Southern Italy (coffees in Northern Italy are lighter). This is the richest most intense and darkest roast we offer and is ideal for home espresso machines.

Organic French Roast - An organic version of our most popular dark roast. Our dark roasts are always roasted to bring the oils to the surface of the bean but never burnt. This concentrated roast is excellent as a cup of everyday coffee or as an espresso.

Vienna Roast - In the case of the Vienna Roast, the beans are roasted to the point where the oils are just beginning to come to the surface which makes this our lightest, and also smoothest, dark roast. All our imported coffee starts with the highest quality beans.

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