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Sample Coffee - Espresso Blends

Sample Coffee - Espresso Blends

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Choose from a selection of espresso blends. All coffee are 3oz, whole beans offered in a craft tin tie paper bag.

Milano Espresso - This espresso blend is created from coffees from Indonesia and several regions of South America. Milano Espresso is distinctly balanced with a low level of acidity. It is smooth, bold, and traditional. Great for any cappuccino, latte, or straight espresso!

Portofino Espresso - Inspired by authentic espressos from the northern coast of Italy, this espresso is known for its bold crema and distinctive caramel taste. It has the flavors of authentic Italian espresso with the rich qualities of freshly roasted beans. Cupping notes: holds up in milk based drinks, caramel brown sugar notes.

Santa Rosa Espresso - Known for its thick, rich crema, Santa Rosa Espresso was inspired by the light-medium roasted espresso that is loved in Northern Italy. This espresso blend reflects the typically bright flavor of Italian espresso.

Siena Espresso - This flavor profile is more like what you would find in Northern Italy. We start with several Central American coffees adding just the right amount of Brazil giving this blend the proper amount of acidity. Deliciously smooth espresso and also complex enough for milk based drinks. If made correctly this produces an espresso with an exceptional amount of crema. Cupping notes: holds up in milk based drinks, nut, cocoa and honey notes.


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