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Tanzanian Peaberry - Zanzibar

Tanzanian Peaberry - Zanzibar

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Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar is a premium blend from high-altitude estates in Southern Tanzania (often Lunji, Utengule and Kanji Lanji Estates) and Northern Tanzania (Mondul, Burka, Ngila and Lyamungu Estates)There is a large variety of rare trees and flowers growing on the farm as well as several rivers .Surrounded by the Ngila Forest reserve in the north and foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the south, this coffee is very unique.

Peaberries are a mutated bean, having one small round shaped bean develop instead of two halves per cherry. The mutated beans are separated out in harvesting, making this a rare treat. Tanzania Peaberry displays a spice-like aroma whose taste is close to Kenya.

Cupping notes:


Northern and Southern Tanzania

Growing Altitude

1,400 - 1,800 meters

Arabica Variety

N & KP, Kent, Bourbon

Harvest Period

July - August (North); April - May (South)

Milling Process

Washed, sun-dried


Sweet pipe tobacco


Tangerine, cranberry, chocolate


Medium, silky


Bright, Pungent, Citric


All our imported coffee starts with the highest quality beans. We custom roast each coffee to order.

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