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Passport Coffee & Tea

French City Roast- Ethical Sourcing

French City Roast- Ethical Sourcing

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This medium ersion of our most popular dark roast. Our dark roasts are always roasted to barley bring the oils to the surface of the bean  This lighter dark roast is excellent as a cup of everyday coffee or as an espresso.

All our imported coffee starts with the highest quality beans. We custom roast, blend and infuse our coffee by hand.

Cupping notes:




Rich and smooth, Hint of molasses




Low acidity

Customer Reviews

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Tom Burt
Not happy with the change in the roast profile.

I've been purchasing this French Roast (organic) for almost a year now. Up until this most recent purchase, I've been extremely pleased with it. It's a dark roast to the point of the beans being on the oily side. Usually, a roast this dark will almost always have a bit of a burnt flavor to it, but not this one. That speaks of talent and skill of the roaster. I love dark roasts like this one. Another big reason I purchase my coffee from Passport Coffee and Tea is because of the freshness of the roast. It isn't always as fresh as I'd like (when it doesn't 'bloom') but, when it is freshly roasted, the grounds will 'bloom' in my pour over filter. The reason I am not satisfied with my most recent purchase, and the reason I gave this review only 3 stars, is because for some reason, the roast profile was changed to a lighter roast. It's still a 'dark' roast but, it is noticeably lighter and missing the oiliness of the roast that I've come to know and truly enjoy. Passport Coffee and Tea is a great company and I've always had an enjoyable experience purchasing my coffee there. I hope they take the roast back to what it was, as I'm really missing that taste. Also, staying open a half an hour later would be great, and would keep me from having to make a mad dash from work to get to their store before they close. I've included a picture of the previous roast on the left, and the newer roast on the right.

Thank you for your feed back. Please know we are happy to exchange it and talk with you regarding your purchase. Because of hours match our warehouse, we do offer free shipping. Use the code FREESHIPPING35 during checkout when purchasing $35.00 of coffee and or tea.

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